31 mai 2010

Between us are movements

What I've got for my birthday :

a washing board with pegs
a very nice new zealander film  called BOY
a malaysian dinner
a not too much Windy Wellington day,
love poems from John Pule and his paintings ( une belle découverte)
a lemon and poppy seeds muffin with green tea
a journey in a cable car  with a view
a greek fish and chips on the beach, in front of Cook Strait
a night in front of Cook strait with another view  (...)

et tous vos télégrammes,  vos pneumatiques, vos signaux de fumée et autres messages en morse ou en télépathie, of course.

I was glad to spend my birthday in Wellington.
I remember other harbours and other birthdays

Many times at night I sit up and watch you sleep.
Tree’s shadows slip across the room to augur space.
Between us are movements like ocean eternity.
I have died many times but I live for you. 

from John Pule, love letters

                                               I love love letters
                                and ocean eternity
                         clouds, wind, stars and (... sun ?)

3 commentaires:

Agnès a dit…

Bon anniversaire alors! Many happy returns!

McdsM a dit…

J'ai loupé quelquechose?
Je te souhaite donc un:
' Joyeux non-anniversaire ' aujourd'hui
signé : Alice au Pays des oublis

christinecho a dit…

tu n'as rien raté , j'ai juste 12 heures d'avance. Merci les filles..